Silvia Hogan, FDN-P, NTP

In 1975 I moved from Brazil to America as a young new bride. I wanted to learn the language and adapt to the culture which included the American diet. After an uneasy pregnancy with medications and antibiotics my daughter was born. At  a doctor’s advise, I traded nursing for soy formula. She developed digestive, respiratory, and skin problems that never really went away. In my lack of wisdom and knowledge, I kept taking her to different doctors for different treatments.

Five years later my son was born prior to moving overseas. The birthing and moving caused a lot of stress on my body. By the time we landed, I was covered in hives from head to toe. I thought I just needed rest and it would pass but it turned out to be the beginning of a long journey with my health. This condition lasted 18 years. Visiting emergency rooms when breathing was difficult, doctors, specialists, countless lab tests and nutritionists not only in the US but in several other countries to no avail. Many times I avoided going in public, wearing skirts or shorts due to the severe red welts of hives visible on my legs. I felt sick all the time with fatigue, foggy mind, low immunity, aches and pains, etc. When a doctor mentioned that I was allergic to my own son, a lack of respect and distrust arose in me.  I wanted to study medicine to learn to treat myself and my own family but I put it on the back burner. This condition lingered 18 years and robbed me of the full pleasure of life. 

Finally, I learned English and knew it was the time to return to college. I studied nutrition instead.  Several years later, after another stressful season in my life, the skin condition returned with a vengeance. This time I battled chronic eczema similar to my daughter and granddaughter. At times I would look into the open sores and would see my skin getting eaten away. At the same time I felt very sick. I knew something was wrong but could not determine the reason of my problem – neither could the doctors. I decided that I could not go on like that anymore. I would not allow the years of my life to be robbed again.

I wanted to study alternative health care and holistic ways of healing. Wow, how different it was from conventional ways! By practicing what I learned and preached, now I feel great, have energy, vitality, vision of my future, clear mind, no pains and often get compliments on my skin and hair.  I learned to take care of my health and have the sense that my creator used this circumstance to prepare me and follow the call to help
others in similar conditions or in a health rut without conventional solutions. I have learned that most of the time the root cause of a health problem is far removed from the symptom.